Does Rice Turn sour? Timeframe of realistic usability, Termination Dates, and then some

Given its extraordinary flexibility with regards to cooking, rice is a staple fixing in numerous foods.

Numerous kinds of rice exist, including white, earthy colored, basmati, wild, or jasmine, to make reference to a couple.

In any case, paying little heed to which type you like, you may consider how long rice keeps.

This article clarifies whether dry and cooked rice turns sour and the risks of eating lapsed rice.

Time span of usability of dry rice

The time span of usability of dry or uncooked rice shifts relying upon the kind of rice.

Despite the fact that there are numerous kinds of rice, the fundamental contrast with regards to timeframe of realistic usability is among white and earthy colored rice.

Since earthy colored rice isn’t processed or cleaned, it has a higher oil or fat substance. In this way, it might become rank more rapidly than white rice.

In any case, the two kinds of rice are viewed as rack stable when dry, which implies that they can be securely put away at room temperature (1).

The following are the timeframes of realistic usability of each sort of rice (1, 2):

White rice: as long as 2 years

Earthy colored rice: 3–6 months from the date of assembling

Remember that refrigerating and freezing may fundamentally expand both their time spans of usability.

Step by step instructions to tell whether dry rice has lapsed

Rack stable food sources normally have a lapse date — regularly called best-by or use-by date. In any case, they might be securely devoured after that date if there are no indications of decay on the item’s bundle (1).

Deciding if dry rice has turned sour is generally simple.

Simply check the bundle for decay signs, including openings, bugs, sogginess, or water, which may prompt form development.

With regards to brown rice explicitly, you may likewise search for stains, a foul or clever smell, or a slick surface.

In the event that you wish to delay your rice’s quality for as far as might be feasible, make a point to store it in a dry spot, for example, your wash room or kitchen cabinet.

You may likewise store it in a water/air proof holder in the wake of opening it. Thusly, you’ll additionally shield it from bugs and dampness.


Dry white rice has a time span of usability of as long as 2 years, while earthy colored rice keeps as long as a half year. Indications of lapsed rice remember openings for the bundling, bugs, water, and form. Earthy colored rice may get foul, sleek, or stained.

How since quite a while ago cooked rice endures

In spite of dry rice, cooked rice’s timeframe of realistic usability is essentially the equivalent for a wide range of rice.

When cooked, rice may keep its flavor, surface, and quality for 3–4 days in the cooler — albeit some case it might last an entire week (1).

You may likewise freeze concocted rice for to 8 months.

Step by step instructions to tell whether cooked rice has lapsed

There are several different ways to tell whether your cooked rice has turned sour.

To start with, smell it. In contrast to newly cooked rice, which has basically no scent, lapsed rice will have a disagreeable or odd smell.

Second, investigate its surface. Rather than being vaporous and feathery, terminated rice may get disgusting or gooey.

In conclusion, check the rice for shape, which regularly shows up as green, blue, or dark spots.

In the event that you notice any of those indications of waste, try to dispose of your rice.


Cooked rice goes on for around 4 days in the ice chest or 8 months in the cooler. Terminated rice may have a horrendous smell, gooey surface, or shape.

Perils of eating lapsed rice

Terminated rice is generally debased by parasites or form, which produce mycotoxins that may cause food contamination (3Trusted Source).

Mycotoxin admission is connected to manifestations that range from heaving, queasiness, and stomach torment to spasms, extreme lethargies, an expanded danger of disease, and a powerless safe framework (4, 5).

Besides, shape tainting in dry rice may likewise diminish its nourishing quality (3Trusted Source).

Also, remember that whether or not rice has lapsed, the inappropriate food treatment of cooked rice may expand the danger of food contamination from Bacillus cereus, which regularly prompts stomach agony, loose bowels, and heaving (6, 7Trusted Source).

Bacillus cereus is a microscopic organisms commonly found in rice that may endure cooking (8Trusted Source).

Along these lines, if rice isn’t refrigerated or frozen inside 2 hours of cooking, the microscopic organisms may deliver the poisons that make you wiped out (9Trusted Source).


Shape tainting in terminated rice may prompt mycotoxin consumption, which might be adverse to your wellbeing. Additionally, non-terminated rice that is ineffectively taken care of may prompt food contamination from Bacillus cereus.

The main concern

The time span of usability of dry rice shifts from white rice to brown rice, however once cooked, a wide range of rice have a similar timeframe of realistic usability.

Dry white rice may keep going for as long as 2 years whenever kept at room temperature, while earthy colored rice just endures around a half year. Refrigerating and freezing them builds their time spans of usability.

Cooked rice should be refrigerated, and it saves for around 4 days. It might likewise be frozen for more.

In the event that you notice any adjustments in smell, taste, or surface, or indications of form development or bugs in both dry or cooked rice, try to dispose of it immediately.

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